Lamar in Asia

  • Get a fully-accredited US degree from Lamar University, a regionally-accredited state school in Beaumont, Texas, and part of the Texas State system AND a degree from an accredited French college.
  • Live in amazing (and COVID-free) Bangkok Thailand and, eventually, Cebu, Philippines.
  • Spend less than 1/3 of what you would pack as an in-state student and 1/5 of out-of-state tuition

If you are an outside-the-box thinker looking to get an affordable yet valuable degree while gaining Unique International experience then the Lamar in Asia program might be a perfect fit.

Study your first two years in Cogan free Bangkok Thailand hosted by PSY on Technology College. Then move for your last 2 years to Cebu, Philippines. And in four years with your degree from Lamar University and a second degree from Paris College of International Education.

It would be natural to be concerned about where are you will stay, what you will eat, and how you will get around. It's likely you've never been to Bangkok or Cebu. But this package includes housing during your study, meals, language classes, and cultural training.

And this experience will differentiate you and give you a leg up on other students who are taking the more traditional route of studying in the United States. So not only will your time living abroad be exciting and eye-opening, but it will also give you valuable International experience that will make you a more attractive employee.

In this program you will receive:
1. Full tuition for a degree both from Lamar University and Paris College of International Education
2. Shared housing in a clean 300 square foot condo with kitchen
3. Food budget
4. Health Insurance
5. Thai language classes
6. Local Transportation/Shopping/Eating/Activities Tour
7. Cultural Training
8. Monthly optional excursions


The average US student ends college $38,000 in debt. Finish your entire degree pad pay only $30,000.

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