Debt free US Degree


Debt Free Degree

Debt free degree

Student loan debt is a growing crisis in America. According to Forbes magazine, the total student loan debt is $1.5 TRILLION and affects 44 million people.  

That’s why the Oregon Institute of International Education partners with in an effort to provide options for students.  We believe Students should complete their degree completely debt-free.  

How? We take a three-pronged approach.  

  • We only offer programs that are truly affordable.  
  • Our friends at have years of experience and many connections--they can assist you in finding ways to fund your education.
  • Still need a few more bucks?  We can help you crowdfund!  It's actually possible to crowdfund your entire degree!
  • Remember, your education is an investment. You are investing in your future.  This investment should benefit you, not drag you down in debt. And we’re here to make sure that it does.