B.Ed + M.Ed Early Childhood Education 


Bachelor of Education + Master of Education In Early Childhood Education

Obtain your Bachelor and/or Master of Education in Early Childhood Education completely online with a degree granted by Paris College of International Education, managed by OIIE.

This is a five-year program. However, it can be completed in as little as three years for those with two years of Teaching experience or four years for those without.

As a completely online program, study can be completed at your own schedule and pace.

Tuition and Fees:

$40 per credit (120 credits), for undergraduate credit: $4,800
$75 per credit (36 credits) for graduate credit: $2,700
An initial registration fee of $200
Total estimated cost for both Bachelor's and Master's: $7,700

This degree is composed of 120 undergraduate credits and 36 Master's credits.

Master's credits are add-on components to Major undergraduate coursework. For each course listed as credit-bearing for both Bachelor's and Master's credits, the student will read supplied journals and academic papers, find their own, similar, papers, and write an 8 to 12-page research paper on the subject.

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